Things I’m grateful for

Just a simple page, to list the things that I’m most thankful for. It’s true that if i wrote down all of the things that I should be grateful for, this page might end up like a short novel :p. Still, I’ll try to write down the things that I’m most grateful for, so that I can sincerely thank God everyday.

  1. Allah
  2. My family – my mother, my father, and my brother.
  3. Annisa Fitri :”>
  4. A healthy body
  5. No financial problem
  6. My friends
  7. Entering ITB
  8. Entering STEI
  9. Entering Telecommunication Engineering
  10. HME
  11. Divkom
  12. PSTK
  13. ARC
  14. Genshiken (yes, I admit it)
  15. My GPA B-)
  16. My english proficiency
  17. Jolie 😀
  18. My new bike :p
  19. My old bike which has accompanied me, going back and forth from my dorm to campus
  20. My room at home
  21. My room at Bandung
  22. Hot water
  23. The internet
  24. Novels
  25. Axis’s 10000 sms combo and cheap call rate
  26. The recent 60 GHz WiFi project
  27. The occassional sunny day in Bandung
  28. Chocolate
  29. Classical Music
  30. Weekly Shonen Jump
  31. My desktop computer
  32. My netbook
  33. My Samsung Galaxy Spica (android rocks!)
  34. Torrent
  35. Aromatic candle
  36. Umbrellas
  37. Cool looking sneakers
  38. Cinnamon rolls
  39. This blog
  40. Baskin Robbins
  41. Kit Kat
  42. The convenience stores around Cisitu
  43. Car free day
  44. Karaoke
  46. Internship at Indosat
  47. FB maker Indosat
  48. Being the coordinator of signal processing lab
  49. Proficiency in writing
  50. The chance to learn French language. Vous parlez français? 😀
  51. The chance to learn Japanese language. あなたは日本語を話しますか?

Will update later


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