Dystopian books

This post is meant as a filler post as I haven’t posted anything here for such a long time! Anyway, my friend at KAUST started a book club just a few weeks ago, and for the first reading assignment, they agreed to start reading books related to dystopia. So what kind of books would qualify as a dystopian novel? The most famous ones would be Orwell’s “1984” and Huxley’s “Brave New World”. It’s a bit hard to explain what a dystopia would be, but to put it simply it would be a world where things that we perceive as horrible or nightmarish come true. (now that you mention it the area ruled by ISIS would be a dystopia). Other novels that would also qualify would be The Handmaid’s Tale, and Fahrenheit 451. I almost decided to become a smartass and talk about The Hunger Games during the upcoming book club meeting but ultimately decided not to do it.

I just started reading 1984 a couple of days ago and just finished about one-third of the book. I must admit, for a book written in 1949, it is really well written and the language style would easily fit with modern books written today. The world building is interesting, and from the beginning I’m curious how the western world fall into the dystopia called Oceania, where the setting of the book takes place. Mind you, I’m using Asimov’s Foundation trilogy as a benchmark since I haven’t read that much classics. Asimov’s world building is kind of unclear, since it jumps from one character to the next over the span of several hundred years. I’m aiming to finish 1984 by the end of this week, and start reading Brave New World beginning of next week. Having a Kindle Paperwhite really helps me read.