Random rant 20160210

Maybe it’s just jealousy looking at how my former classmates are having fun at first world countries. I remember that I got accepted at TU Delft, but I was unable to continue because of lack of scholarship (and as a boy I would be too embarassed to use my parents’ money to fund my postgraduate study). Nowadays it seems that anyone can go abroad thanks to the LPDP scholarship.

Not that I’m complaining with my current life (but Saudi can really use more tourist attraction in addition to their religious sites), but I think I need to go out and travel for a bit. Oh yeah, then it’s jealousy because other people can just go travel somewhere over the weekend while I’m pretty much stuck either inside the compound, or in Jeddah where public transport is dismal.

But at least they can’t guilt trip me if I refuse to go back to Indonesia since I’m not taking even a single penny from the government to fund my study.


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