Shoe size

Choosing the appropriate shoe size is confusing. Back when I was at Indonesia, I usually refer to Europe’s size (44.5-45), but then I found something weird when browsing for shoes. Each brand apparently has their own idea about how to define the size of their shoes. For example, Reebok has European size 44.5 and US size 11. On the other hand, for Adidas size 44 2/3 is.. US size 10.5. Which made me suffer for about a week trying to break in my new pair of shoes. In addition to brand, the type of shoes also matters. I have another Adidas exactly the same size (44 2/3), and it fits snugly on my foot. The only difference is that one is a hiking shoes (this super comfy one), and the one that made me suffer is a casual shoes (not even a running shoes, eh). And to make matters even weirder, I tried a pair of Rockport shoes just a few days ago, and turns out that my size for Rockport is.. US 9.5. How are you supposed to make a proper international standardization system when you can’t even agree on standard shoe size?

Moral of the story: I won’t buy casual shoes ever again.

Oh and here’s a shoe size conversion chart for you



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