5 minutes presentation

If someone can’t tell you his idea in 5 minutes, then he is bullshitting you”

For optoelectronic class today, we did a 5 minutes presentation session (excluding Q&A). Pick one paper, and explain it within 5 minutes. It was quite interesting, seeing how everyone must squeeze a single scientific paper into a 5-minute presentation which includes some analysis about the paper itself. Of course, you can’t really go technical and detailed, but you’ll have enough time to pique the audience’s interest so that they throw you a question during the Q&A session.

The shorter the presentation time is, the more challenging it becomes. You need to figure out how, instead of throwing a bunch of technical jargons and graphs, you tell a story that engage your audience. And this isn’t something that you can do impromptu, lots of practice is needed. My PI commented that this can also be regarded as an elevator pitch: if you’re together with someone inside the elevator, how would you make him/her interested in what you are doing?

This goes beyond just research presentation; it’s also applicable to business, life and everything.


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