Travel Notes: a Help in Kyoto

They say that one of the main perks of traveling solo, is that sometimes you get to meet interesting people. This happens to me back in March, when I was traveling alone on my second day in Kyoto, and I will be forever grateful to Nishitani-san. I just need to write this blog post so that I can always remember this event.  Oh and I got very fond of the Japanese after this event.


The first time I met Nishitani-san was when I just finished from Ginkaku-ji, and was waiting for a bus to Kinkaku-ji. Nishitani-san approached me and asked where I was going. He then suggested which bus to take, and to top it all he actually gave me a copy with all the opening hours of Kyoto shrines. He also suggested for me to go to Tenmangu shrine first, because the plum flowers are in blossom and they’re having a festival there – which I did, and I wasn’t disappointed. As at that time I was also planning to go to Arashiyama, he explained to me how to take the train to Arashiyama. Such a kind guy, but it didn’t stop there.

So I went to Tenmangu shrine and Kinkaku-ji. Because it was already a bit late into the evening, I decided to abandon arashiyama and go straight to Nijo castle instead. It was already 3.30 P.M., and spending a night in a bamboo groove doesn’t sound all that fun. So I waited at the bus stop near Kinkaku-ji, and guess what? I met Nishitani-san again! He asked me where I was going, and commented that I won’t make it to Nijo-jo by bus becasue admission is closed by 4 P.M. So what happened next? He offered to take me there using his car! (if a stranger is offering you this in Jakarta, you should run away directly).

So I rode to Nijo-jo using Nishitani-san’s car, and all the while he explained the history of the areas that we passed by in Kyoto. I was actually too absorbed with his explanation and worrying about whether I’ll make it in time for the castle that I forgot to ask about Nishitani-san’s occupation or his email address! Stupid me! Now that everything’s done I wish I can contact him again T_T.

So that’s a little bit of my story about how I received help when traveling solo in Kyoto. Once again, I’ll say this: don’t be afraid when traveling solo, especially in a safe country like Japan.


2 thoughts on “Travel Notes: a Help in Kyoto

  1. Bagus Aji Santoso

    Halo mas Adit, share dong gimana pengalamannya gimana bisa ngelanjutin kuliah S2 di KAIST. Mas dapat beasiswa ya?

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