About my name

Some interesting things about my name when I was studying at South Korea. For Indonesians, the name Aditya is a common, widely used name. In fact, if you’re Indonesian then you must have at least one friend called Adit! (in fact my GF’s brother is also named Adit, and my brother’s GF’s brother is also named Adit, and I have two friends named Adit in my department back in ITB). But in case you’re wondering, the name Aditya actually takes its root in Hinduism. A little bit of Indonesian history crash course: way back in history Indian merchants did trading with Indonesians, leaving a heritage of Hinduism in Indonesia. Even though now the major religion is Islam, the name Aditya is still used.

So, what happened to me when I’m at KAIST?

  1. Judging from my name, people always thought I’m an Indian
  2. They thought I’m a Hindu, while actually I’m a moslem

Which leads to some brief explanation about Indonesian history as stated above. Well, still better than my friend named Sabrina, whom everyone doubted is her real name :p.

Oh also, almost all people at KAIST can pronounce my name correctly with only some errors when pronouncing the “tya”. I said almost all, because of all people my graduate advisor pronounced my name as “Adatya”. I corrected him several times, but somehow he always reverted back to calling me “Adatya”. So yeah, Adatya hangs around in the Microwave and Antenna lab for two years.


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