Tutorial: Accessing scientific journals outside KAIST’s network

So you are either:

  1. A KAIST student who’s outside of KAIST campus right now or
  2. A KAIST graduate..

.. but somehow you miss reading scientific journal so badly. Probably due to stockholm syndrome or brainwashing that you receive during your time as a graduate student at KAIST. As we all know, online resources such as IEEEexplore needs to be accessed through KAIST’s network because they provide online article only for member institutions. However, if you fulfill any of the aforementioned criteria, chances are that you have a KAIST portal ID.

In this case, you can use your portal ID for easy access. This tutorial is intended for chrome users, IE and FF users can follow the tutorial from KAIST’s library website here. First make a single bookmark. You can put any arbitrary name for it, but edit the URL into:


Now, suppose you want to access an article from IEEEexplore. Do so by first opening the website, and then clicking on the bookmark that you made earlier. IF you haven’t logged into KAIST’s library site yet, you might need to input your KAIST portal credentials. Voila, access granted! This also works on other sites such as google scholar and springer.



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