The Person Who Influences You The Most?

*although I said that I wanted to post more about my recent travel experiences, I had some trouble transferring my photos from camera to PC. And since travel posts without pictures are no fun, we’ll have to postpone it for a while.

This question actually popped up almost half a year ago when I was taking an interview for a certain electronic company in South Korea. Spontaneously, I just blurted out that it has been (and probably will always be) my mom in a personal level. Now that I try to look back at that question, it probably wasn’t what the interviewer had wanted from me (else I would have been slaving away at a South Korean company now). So, if I’m asked the question again, how will I answer?

If we’re limiting our scope to my habit, behavior, and values in life, then once again it would have been my mom. My mom influenced me so much that even right now, I’m always trying to align my point of view to hers. And so far it has always been for the better, because thankfully I have the world’s best mother here to guide me.

But if we’re speaking in the professional sense, such as who influenced me in terms of professional attitude, choosing which professional career path to go down to, and how I will contribute to the society at large (and if we exclude members of my family so that the answer sounds more professional), then of course the answer will be quite different. If I must give an answer to this then probably the answer would be that I’m unable to single out a single person as the person who influenced me the most. Although the answer might sound like some diplomatic answer – or even cheating – in this digital era where ideas are passed around freely inspiration comes from almost everywhere.

Positive influence might come anytime, anywhere, 24/7. Right now the person influencing me might be that TED speaker sharing a breakthrough in technology. A while later it might be that company featured by MIT technology review as one of the 50 smartest companies. After that it might be that university senior who shared his amazing dreams through social media. Influence comes from so many source that right now, my mindset and attitude is the amalgamation of everything that I have seen. And we have the world wide web to thank for spreading such positive attitude and influence to people and places who need it.

Bottom line, it might be that the question is no longer relevant when it is about one specific individual. Maybe, the correct phrase would be “How has the world influenced your attitude?”.


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