Err.. so this story takes place in Arda.. which is located in Ea I think.. one of the main characters is this noldor elf.. or quendi depending on whose language you are using.. named Feanor who got his jewels called Silmarillion stolen by the dark lord Melkor… or you can also call him Morgoth because Feanor called him that.. Morgoth is part of the Valar.. kinda like the Gods of Middle Earth.. and then there are twelve of them such as err.. Manwe.. Yavanna.. and some ten others.

There are many kinds of elves, like the err.. noldor.. and then there’s also.. vanyar.. and the teleris which were killed through Feanor’s jackassery.. There are also a bunch of other kinds of elves depending on whether they make the pilgrimage or not such as err.. the sindar and.. some other type I think?  In this story there are also other races like the dwarves.. but they call themselves khazad.. but the elves called them naurim.. Humans also come later, but the elves called them atani, or edain… !@#!@$!$%

Aww shucksss, it took me more than 1 week to memorize the names of everyone in my class. I’m not even past page 100 and I need to keep track of all these weird names to enjoy the story. Who was this Fingolfin guy again? Who made alliance with who? You must be one of those Valars mentioned only once during the introduction! Oh, hey, Sauron’s here!


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