A book you must charge

I’ve taken a liking to buying novels from kindle store, instead of the traditional paper printed ones. There are some pros and cons of course, but so far the experience has been quite pleasant overall.


  • You can buy it anytime anywhere as long as there is a working internet connection, compared to traditional printed books. In case of printed books, you either need to visit brick and mortar bookstore or do an online order which may take some time.
  • Kindle’s E-Book does not take up space. I have ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ from book one through five on my shelf right now, and they take up almost 30 cm of shelf space. On the other hand, Inside my Nexus 7 there’s a complete Sherlock Holmes and The Hunger Games Trilogy, and they only take up virtual disk space.
  • You can read them in the dark of course.
  • No need to worry about your book getting crumpled. One of my main concern when carrying my books around – due to my slight OCD – is that they’ll get crumpled when they are put inside my backpack. No way in hell my tablet’s getting crumpled.
  • Kindle editions can actually get cheaper than mass paperbound edition books (yes, I only buy mass paperbound editions ’cause I’m a stingy bastard). And this is even more crucial when they actually don’t sell mass paperbound edition of the book that you want to read.


  • After I finished reading a real book, I can lend them to friend if I want to or give them away (although realistically speaking, I never do this in fear of the books getting damaged). In case of Kindle editions, lending and borrowing is somewhat restricted according to this page.
  • Nothing beats the smell of books, be it new ones or old, musty ones.
  • I’m more used to flipping pages compared to tapping the side of my tablet’s screen.
  • I NEED TO CHARGE MY TABLET. There was this one time where I was unable to sleep and decided to just skim through a few pages, when I just realized that my tablet’s out of battery. Ouch. No reading for a while I guess.
  • I can’t turn them into home decoration to give that cool study room look. Call me vain or whatever, but I love the view of books all lined up on the bookshelf back home.

What do you think?


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