Things I heard at my dorm

Another ngasal post to begin the day! So after staying in the dorm and living the communal life, you’ll start hearing something repetitively. Because everyone living there has their own habits, it’s easy to guess who’s nearby based on the sound that you hear. So anyway here’s a list of the sounds that I often hear:

  1. My roommate, Jerin’s alarm clock. He sets it up starting from 8 in the morning in 30 minutes interval, just to wake up a bit, turn it off, go back to sleep, and waking me up in the process. I think he’s trolling me >_>. You really need to decide when to wake up, man.
  2. My Indonesian friends next door’s laughter. Happens on weekends when they play PES. Especially you, Komang!
  3. A guy in my block cleaning his phlegm before spitting everyday at 9 o’ clock. You know that sound Korean ahjussis make before they spit? This is like that, but in a more extreme version. It’s like khoaarrckkcxzzxxasccghhgckckcghhftt *ptoey* at least 3 times. I can hear it resounding throughout this part of the building every morning, signifying another start of a glorious day.
  4. Romance anonimo. This is a classical guitar piece, which my Viatnemese friend, Peter, has been playing everyday for over a year. I asked him why he plays it everyday and not try different songs, and he said he wants to perfect it. Such persistence. So everytime you hear romance anonimo, he’s present.
  5. Some guy making a phone call in the corridor. Could be anyone, but when they do, I can hear them clearly from my room. This dorm is quite tolerant actually, because I heard that in another dorm filled with Korean students, chatting loudly in your own room gives your neighbor legit reason to whack you.

Bonus! When someone knocks on my door, it’s:

  1. My friend. Usually brisk knocks followed by calling out my name. Most welcome.
  2. Jehovah’s witnesses. Automatic response: I’m busy now LOL. Recently we have someone willing to hear them out though, so to that understanding guy, thank you for diverting those JW guys!
  3. Jamaah Tabligh. Can come from any kind of country accompanied by some brother guys. Usually gives small sermons, then ask me to go to masjid. Actually, they make me want to hide under my bed everytime I hear someone knocks on my door.

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