Antenna Design Blues

The most painstaking part of designing an antenna is that the simulation takes a really long time. When you are using either CST or HFSS, every single simulation of a full antenna structure will take quite a while. Even right now when I’m using an i7 with 16 GB RAM, a single simulation with moderate accuracy takes roughly 45 minutes.

And that’s not all. Because the antenna dimension down to 0.1 mm affects the characteristics of the antenna, if your antenna doesn’t work it’s either:

  1. Your dimension needs to be optimized. Go do a parameter sweep or fire up those optimizer. And go hiking for two days in the meantime (which I did).
  2. Your design is inappropriate, you fail in life for wasting a lot of time trying to do (1).

Aa~ I wish I can skip this trial and error phase

언젠간 이 눈물이 멈추길~ 언젠간 이 어둠이 걷히고~


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