I want to go to Japan

If I have a bucket list, then one of the things up at the top of the list would be to go to Japan. As one of the Indonesian kids fed by anime on a daily basis, I grew up to idolize Japanese culture. But somehow, it seems that I’ve never been able to go there. Everytime an opportunity appears, it simply flies out of reach whenever I’m getting close enough to grasp it.

My latest failure would be when recently, one of my acquaintance wanted to go to Japan during Seollal holiday. So she gathered people she knew who also wanted to go to Japan so that they can all go together. Of course I also joined her, as the prospect of going to Japan as soon as the beginning of next year excites me.

But as usual, I messed up. When they were collecting passport information to buy plane tickets, I was kinda swamped up by lab works that I kept on forgetting to submit my information. Also, the facebook messenger posts for this group of people went as much as more than 100 that I can’t even follow up the current status of that trip. Until one day my acquaintance contacted me via katalk. I thought it was a last minute reminder for me to submit my passport information, but instead it was more like “LOL we already bought our plane tickets, so you’re left alone. So what’cha gonna do?”. I guess this simply indicates that when I’m involved in some kind of incident, I would be the first guy to get kicked out of the lifeboat.

Of course it was partially my fault, but being left out just like that kinda hurts. Well good thing that most of them are just a bunch of strangers to me. I guess if I’m going to someplace special like Japan, I should go with people special to me.


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