3 Months

When I checked the timestamp on my last blog post, it says June 8 2013. Meaning I haven’t posted anything into this blog for almost 3 months. Yes, it’s 2 days until September 8th.

So, what’s with the hiatus? Hmm, not sure what you should call it. Some may say that I’m just being lazy. Personally, it’s nothing sort of writer’s block or anything. Probably, I’m just using the stress accumulated from my lab work as an excuse to not write on my blog. Couple that with an extreme case of procrastination, and you’ll have a three-month period with no post at all.

So how’s everything going? I must say that right now I’m preoccupied with putting my everything trying to graduate from my master program at KAIST. These three months have been rather depressing for me, where I’m trying to replicate some simple research which everybody appears to be capable of doing, to almost no result at all. Thankfully I managed to find a workaround to this problem, and I’m positive that I’m getting somewhere.

Apart from my research, several things happened during the course of three months. The notable ones are:

  • I actually went home to Indonesia for 2 weeks. Massive mood booster.
  • I finished the South Hangang bicycle path at the cost of having my butt aching for the following day.
  • I had my first (local) conference at Jeju island. But out of everyone from my lab, I went alone to the conference. So it also somewhat feels like an exile.
  • I climbed Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea
  • I reached 2000 km of cycling this year.

Which are actually all good writing materials. Too bad I just can’t seem to put my lazy ass right in front of the computer and type away on my blog. Hopefully from this point on I can write more often on my blog. Not necessarily daily, but consistently.


One thought on “3 Months

  1. Michelle

    Hi, youre currently studying in KAIST from what ive seen. (:

    Is it tough to get into KAIST as a foreigner?
    Im from Singapore, currently studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (tertiary education in Singapore), doing BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING.

    Im currently aiming at KAIST.
    So how hard is it to actually enter the school? );

    Do get back to me when youre free at illusionland@live.com

    I’ll be very thankful if u did(:

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