Wrapping up Geumgang

Tired legs, aching butt, summer’s humidity, and most of all, boredom

This story is from last week, where I managed to wrap up Geumgang river’s bicycle path. The total length of my bicycle trip is almost 130 km, starting from Daejeon towards Sejong city, and eventually following the Geumgang river all the way down into Gunsan city.

2013-06-01-21-03-27The whole trip takes approximately 7 to 8 hours with a single 30 minute break halfway there. As usual, kudos to the Korean government for providing such excellent cyling road even in the most remote areas :D.

The geumgang path is considered to be one of the easier route, spanning only 147 km – I finished Daecheongdam earlier so I didn’t go there this time – with pretty much a flat route with minimum hills along the way. The road runs along the river road passing through large bridges and dams. And which is why the road is so boring, because all I can see are nothing but the side of river, with the occasional cliff on the left side and some small towns along the way (hey so Daejeon is not as underdeveloped compared to the real villages in Korea).

For this trip I didn’t bring my camera (because falling over my bike would spell instant disaster with my camera inside my backpack) so pictures taken from my phone would suffice 😀 (and it’s a new phone! ta~dahh).

2013-06-01 08.19.13

This one is taken at sejong city, the city right next to Daejeon. Only 20 km away.2013-06-01 09.36.33-1

This one is at Gongjubo, the outskirt of Gongju city. The promotional material at 4 river’s website shows it as interesting, but when I actually got there.. Meh.

2013-06-01 10.55.17-1

This one is taken at baekjebo. There’s a k-water facility here so we can learn more about Korea’s river if we’re interested I guess. But it’s in Korean so I didn’t feel like entering.2013-06-01 13.47.12

This one is taken at Iksan. Probably the most remote stamp booth compared to the other posts, as this one is located right in the middle of nowhere! It’s like they decided to just plop one somewhere in a rural area so that the distance between posts don’t get too far.2013-06-01 15.36.37

This is the last post located at Gunsan city. For this one there are two certification centers available, but I picked the nearest one of course. At this point I felt like I’m tanned all over, my butt aches, and I yearn for toilet so much.2013-06-01 15.24.54But now the Geumgang river stamps is complete! I got a congratulatory sticker for this one, and of course a complete bragging right LOL – although not long after that an ahjussi came to chat with me and he showed his almost complete stamp collection. Shoot!

We took the bus back home from Gunsan terminal – because retaking the bicycle route back home would be suicidal for a noob like me. So what have we learned from cycling long range? Fatigue is bound to happen, but above all it’s more of a mental battle. The fact that there are road signs showing the distance from the final post sometimes act as an encouragement, sometimes it made me despair on how there are so much distance left, and sometimes it made me lazy knowing that there’s less than 10 kms left. Yes, definitely a mental battle.



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