How would you eat your tomatoes?

In another attempt to reorganize my productivity within one day, I once again turn to using the pomodoro (which means tomato in case you forgot) technique to try and fit my targets into my available time each day. I know that some people opt to set measurable daily goals and stop when their targets are reached, but in my case I decided to simply use time allocation.

This is not something new of course.A concrete example would be allocating 1 hour for doing homework, 1 hour for studying, 2 hours for reading, etc. But to make things simpler and easier for me, I used the pomodoro as a basic unit. I set 1 single pomodoro as 25 mins of uninterrupted productivity with 5 mins of rest. Therefore, a single pomodoro translates to roughly 30 minutes. By doing this, it becomes somewhat more manageable and bearable for me to actually sit down at my lab and plough through my works. Oh and since I know how many pomodoros I have used, I can now measure my daily productivity objectively instead of subjectively, whereas I stopped working when I felt like I did enough for the day, or my work progress is good enough.

Right now I’m aiming for 10 pomodoros for lab work each day, and 2 for studying the korean language. This way, I can use the remaining free time each day without any feeling of guilt since I know that I’ve done 6 hours of pure, uninterrupted, productive work.


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