A thousand kilometers

Yeay, finally reached my my bike 1000 km for this year! Crossed the 1000 km mark when cycling to Daecheong dam and back again :D.

chartWhen you see it, actually the volume of my cycling exercise tripled from last year and almost eight times higher compared to 2011. Partly due to a suitable bike, and the excellent cycling infrastructure of South Korea. Seeing as it’s not even May yet, think I should try for 2000 km this year? :p

So that’s one of my target for 2013 cleared. Oh and in addition to that, there’s also this

timbanganI also managed to clear the goal of reducing my body weight to below 70 kg. So that’s two targets done! Double kill!

And so, what to do now? I’m training for long distance cycling (> 100 km in one run) since I’m planning to clear Geumgang somewhere within the next month, and try to go cycling to Seoul in the summer. And of course, I’m also buffing up for mountain biking (the last time I tried it, it was a total failure due to my crappy physical fitness). Oh and save enough money to buy a real mountain bike.

Wish me luck!




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