Woori Check card, visa

For a little while now, I’ve always wanted to do some online shopping at foreign websites here on South Korea. Unfortunately, shopping at for example play store and amazon requires a working credit card. I do have one, but since it’s linked to my parents’ (this one is for emergency use actually) it leaves me with a bit of guilt everytime I buy one of those 1000 KRW games at google play store. And for graduate drones students like me, the bank set a high requirement when I want to make a credit card (1 million won deposit in a deposit account, meaning you can’t withdraw from it)

But turns out that you can actually use a check card for this problem, but you need to be a bit specific when requesting the bank’s teller. You can use a check card that has Visa / Master Card written on it. However, by default they won’t give you this card, and the capability for international transaction is disabled.

2013-03-15 10.06.31
Note the Visa sign

You’ll need an alien card and passport for this one. Just go to a woori bank branch, and ask for a visa check card. But this is something that you absolutely need to do: ask for international transaction capability to be activated. They don’t activate this by default, and yesterday I tried to register my card at google wallet several times to no avail. Wonder why can’t they just make things easier 😐



2 thoughts on “Woori Check card, visa

  1. Hello~ wondering if this card has an annual fee or something? I told the counter I wanted to do online shopping and they gave me this without telling me any details 😦

    Also, is this a debit or credit card? Do we pay the bill when it is sent to us or is it directly deducted from our account??

    1. Humm as far as I know, there shouldn’t be any annual fee. Also, this is a debit card so it automatically deducts money from your account. Hope this helps!

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