Stupid Windows Update

Rant post!

Last night I decided to run CST Microwave studio’s optimizer and simply left it as it is, so that in the next morning I can go and check how my design’s doing. So I’m kind of full of expectation, hoping that miraculously, the quasi newton optimizer has somehow found the optimum dimension for my antenna structure. Then I can slack around until Monday focus on other productive stuffs (those courses at coursera really need my attention badly. I’ve been neglecting them like crazy).

But you know what happened? At the morning, full of expectation I turned on my monitor, ready to log back in. But instead of quickly opening the windows I left behind last night, I get a welcome message, indicating that no one’s logged in at the moment I punched my password in. And then it’s true. I’m welcomed by my desktop with no application open – although after a short while some applications launched itselves (actually IE LOL), and some notification balloon notifies me what had happened. Apparently, the accursed windows update decided that restarting itself to install some new update is a lot more important compared to my thesis. So it kills off CST in an effort to install whatever update it might have stumbled into. Ack. And I thought the heavy CPU usage by CST might have tipped off windows update that maybe he should wait until at least the optimizer is finished.

For anyone who’s using a Windows 7, I recommend opting to download update automatically, but choose when Windows can install them. Unless you want your computer to kill whatever automated task you’re doing that you decided to leave overnight.


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