Busan: Apple guest house

Imagine a situation where: a. This is your first time at Busan. You know nothing about this city, and as usual, you only speak survival Korean. b. You simply give the complete address of your lodging to the taxi driver, entrusting your entire well being upon the mercy of the ahjussi. c. Using his GPS, he immediately found the most efficient route to reach your destination. However, he dropped you right in the middle of a parking lot in front of Jagalchi fish market, and after you tried looking around, no building resembles a guest house whatsoever, and you’re still carrying your luggage. Actually happened to me the first time I went to Busan, staying at Apple Guesthouse.

Just where the heck am I..

However, upon closer look upon one of the building..

There it is!

Yup, the Apple Guesthouse is located on the fifth floor of one of the building located near Jagalchi fish market. The first floor is a North Face apparel shop, and the other floors are used for Chinese language school. Uh ok, so I’m a bit skeptical knowing that I’m staying near a fish market. There’s the issue of cleanliness, noises, and the rest. But I went inside anyway.

And inside..

IMG_1309 IMG_1308

The interior is actually really cute! In contrast to the market outside, the guesthouse itself is really cozy. Apparently, this building used to be a bookstore. But since nowadays people buy books online, they closed down the store. Now, the space is used as a guesthouse. Since they’re trying to fit the rooms inside the space, some of the rooms are weird shaped. My room is shaped like the letter C. Not that it bothers me much though.

The room is really cozy actually. We were provided electric mats in case it gets cold. Our window is directly facing the main road, so we get a nice view of the street view. The downside is, of course, the noises coming from the street below. Good thing we were given earplugs.

IMG_1311IMG_1313 IMG_1312I had a really enjoyable stay here. The owner is really nice and he loves to chat with his guests. I’m not really sure how to spell his name, I think it’s Seol? (sorry!). He treated me to some fried chicken :p.

To summarize,


  • Really cozy room
  • Located in the Junggu district of Busan. Busan tower is within walking distance, and you can go shopping at Nampo. Jagalchi fish market is nearby if you’re up to some fish for your meal. Located right in the middle of Nampo and Jagalchi subway station. Only two stops away from Busan Station.
  • Friendly owner 😀


  • Shared bathroom and toilet. Might pose a problem during one of those emergency situation. And it seems that the woman’s shower is communal.
  • The noises from the street.

I really recommend this place :D. If you’re interested in touring Busan, you can just go to Busan station located two station away, and take the city tour bus.


2 thoughts on “Busan: Apple guest house

  1. Hi.. nice post nih.. kebetulan lg nyari hostel dkt jagalchi.. trus mo numpang nanyanya nih mas, apple ad web ke guest house langsung g yg g lewat booking.com ato smcmnya.. klo g ad boleh tnya ttg rate dan ad female shared room tidak? Kamar mandi komunal tu maksudnya mandi brg2 rame2 gt ya? Terima kasih sebelumnya.

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