Ripped off at the Seoul station

Ok, this just happened to me today. My family and I were going to Busan via KTX, and we were searching for our car number at the platform.
Suddenly, an Ahjussi came and asked us about our tickets. At first I thought that he might be some kind of cleaning staff or something and offered to help us find our car. Until suddenly he took our luggage. Well turns out that he’s a porter. Mkay, carrying one bag for as far as three cars, I’ll just give him 1000 krw out of generosity.
But then again after he put one bag – one bag, mind you – on the ktx’s luggage area, he said in english “ten thousand won. No, five thousand.” What? Just carrying one medium sized bag for such a short distance is somehow worth 5000 won? (Or 10000 initially). Even a bus ticket from seoul to daejeon is 10000 won. God, 5000 can get me a nice meal at KAIST’s cafeteria.
For all of you foreign tourists out there, only trust officials in Korean stations and try not to look confused or anything in public places. Have a safe travel.


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