Lab moving

Yesterday, I finished moving my lab from the very back of KAIST (N27) to the electrical engineering building, located at one of the busiest areas of KAIST, the eastern sector. So, if I have to say anything about the new lab room:

  1. Due to a stroke of good luck, I managed to get a seat located near the window, facing south. And it’s also the furthest from the door. Oh and this seat is usually reserved for senior Ph.D.s but apparently the guy doesn’t like to sit near air conditioner, so it’s a win for me.
  2. Unlike the previous location where I felt like I was living in a remote area, the current electrical engineering building is located near other buildings. Which also means that my lab is near my Indonesian friends’ labs.
  3. Now my professor is at the same building as me, where previously he wasn’t. Expect more surprise visits lol



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