Do you even..?

This morning, after a good morning exercise, I went to KAIST’s W7 international kitchen to eat some food only to find this

2013-02-16 08.05.43

Apparently some other country held a party last night and forgot to clean up afterwards. Well, ok, maybe you guys are so busy or something that after the party you just left everything in place without cleaning the place up. But you should remember that other countries are also using the kitchen facility, and just because the majority of kitchen users are composed of you guys, that doesn’t mean that the entire kitchen belongs to you.

And clogging up Indonesia’s sink is a big no no!2013-02-16 08.30.31To make matters worse, the cleaning ahjumma doesn’t clean up on weekends, and we Indonesians need to prepare food for a party this evening  – we always clean up after cooking and the international office commented that our kitchen area is the cleanest. So I have to ask you: “Hey brother, do you even clean?”

And I almost never put up Qur’an verses or hadith in my posts because I’m afraid that I might be misinterpreting something, but in this case it’s pretty straightforward.

It is related by Abu Maalik Al-Ash’ari (Radiya Allahou Anhou) that the Messenger of Allah said: “Cleanliness is a part of Faith. To sayAL-Hamdu lillah (Praise belongs to Allah) fills the scale, to say SUBHAN ALLAH and AL-Hamdu lillah ‘Glory be to Allah’ and ‘Praise belongs to Allah’ fill the space between the heavens and the earth, prayer is a light, Sadaqah is a proof (of sincere faith), endurance is a shining glory, and the Qura’n is a proof on your behalf or against you. All men go out easily and sell themsleves, thereby setting themselves free or destroying themselves”.

There, cleanliness is a part of faith!

Oh, oh, oh, oh! Brother, clean your mess! – sing it with SNSD’s Oh!



One thought on “Do you even..?

  1. AG

    They will answer.. brother jankanman I will clean it up later… (if i still remember…)
    Man just give this to OASIS then, they clogged our sink with tea, brother, with tea…

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