Recharging your FreeC prepaid mobile data via the internet

If you are a foreigner and using a phone from outside Korea with a prepaid plan, there’s a good chance that you are using an MVNO’s service for your phone’s connectivity. An MVNO is a “Mobile Virtual Network Operator”, where they borrow major provider’s network to provide their service. Well I’m not going to go into too much detail here, because our main topic is about recharging/buying your mobile data plan using the internet.

Before I try this, I usually go to FreeC’s shop located at Hanbit Plaza near KAIST. But after trying this method, I don’t have to go there anymore if I simply wanted to recharge my data plan (and the weather’s crazy cold for that matter). The method is quite easy. You just need to prepare your bank’s account number and the security card you receive for online banking (you know, those cards with small numbers behind them).

This method assumes that you

  • Are a FreeC customer
  • Already signed up on their website
  • Have your bank’s digital certificate with you

First, go to


There are 4 sections in this page. The first one is your phone number. The second one is the type of data plan that you want to buy. The third section is the total amount that you have to pay. The last section is the payment method. The first radio button is via credit card, the second one is direct bank payment, and the third one is using virtual account. We’ll go with the second option.

You’ll be presented with the next window


We’ll go straight to the second section. The first row is bank selection. The second one is your bank account number. The third row is your 4-digit pasword. The fourth row is account holder’s name (don’t worry if there’s not enough space), and the fifth one is alien card number. For the third section, just choose the leftmost radio button.

Continuing to the next part, you’ll get this window. Choose 보안카드 (security card) and enter the last 4 digit of your card’s serial numberCapture3

After that, you’ll be required to enter some numbers on your security card and your certificate’s password, similar to when you’re making an online bank transfer in Korea. After everything’s finished, there will be some window where you can put your email and phone number for notification.

You’ll be brought back to the main window on FreeC’s websiteCapture4 And as a proof that everything’s finished, they’ll send you an SMS.

2013-01-24 15.33.10There you go. Hope this helps so you don’t have to go to cell phone shops in this crazy winter just to recharge your balance.



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