Choices, choices

Life is full of choices. Sometimes if you choose A, then it’s impossible to choose B. And because time only flows in one direction, there’s pretty much no way to know what would’ve happened if we had chosen B instead of A. I think I’ve experienced this many times during my journey.

Of course trivial choices like where to eat for lunch could hardly affect your life, but there are also live changing choices.

Choosing to enter company H in the past. Opting to go to Korea’s KAIST for master course instead of waiting for Japan’s MEXT scholarship opening (I actually contacted some professors in TIT in 2011 and some of them were willing to accept me) because I can’t stand my work. Choosing the lab that I’m currently in simply because I’m interested in its research field – actually I’m seriously questioning this decision – and maybe in the future, even more choices. It’s too bad that life doesn’t give us save points so we could retrace our steps in case we encounter a bad ending. But then again, some people say that we can only make sense of our lives only when we are looking back to the past. I just hope that just like the book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”, everything that happens in our life makes sense.


2 thoughts on “Choices, choices

    1. Actually Fik it’s a fiction novel, where when someone dies and go to heaven, he’ll meet 5 people whose lives intertwined with his. There, they’ll explain the meaning behind the person’s life events. And so, he knows that everything happens for a reason, and every person’s life is connected to another’s.

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