New week!

Okay, it’s Monday again. Lately, I’ve been neglecting my blogwriting, and instead got lost somewhere in the internet jungle. Guess one of my weak point is lack of concentration when doing anything. I mean, I got sidetracked easily even when simply browsing the internet. Has the world wide web shorten our attention span?

Well anyway, I’ve been thinking about how to improve my life in 2013, and it’s a good idea to start now since the year is still young. So, how about making a weekly plan on Monday, while at the same time also list anything that I’m thankful about in the past week? It seems to be a better alternative rather than cursing Monday.

So, what would be a good time to start doing this? Now, of course. So without further ado:

Plans for this week:

  1. Learn a  minimum of 50 new korean words
  2. Finish the measurement at the lab. If this fails, resort to using simulations
  3. Create a separate professional blog for documentation of anything that I learn during the Master course at KAIST. One of the main skill required for engineers is writing, and being awesome at something takes practice.
  4. Exercise everyday, even if only for a little bit.
  5. Make at least two other post this week.

Thinks that I’m thankful for last week:

  1. Some random talk about this and that with my girlfriend. And it turns into planning something in the future hahaha.
  2. Watching TED videos about listening to shame, and about facing up to challenges. Because real growth can only be found in the face of adversity.
  3. The ice that covered the roads at KAIST was thawed, so now I can ride my bike again peacefully, at least inside KAIST.
  4. Making dim sum on yesterday’s Sunday evening.

Now, come at me, new week 😀


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