Naver Dic Flashcards

Second post this year, and this one is written from my tablet. Boy, I think I’m getting lazy, posting from my bed like this..
Anyway, Naver dictionary is awesome. It’s free, gives a bunch of sample sentence for your query, and will give you results even if you don’t type in the basic -다 form. It kinda makes me regret purchasing diodict due to its superior capabilities. The only catch is that you need to be connected to the internet to use it.
Now, I’ll show in this post about how we can use this dictionary as a flashcard. In this case I’m assuming you have a Naver account. I haven’t tested whether there are any real differences between the web and app version, but for the record I’m using the app 네이버 영어 사전.
First, we make our flashcard set. Select 단어장 (I’ll just freely translate this into flashcard) from the top menu


Now we’ll create our own flashcard. Click on 내 단어장 (my flashcards) to continue.


This is the list of the available flashcards. I’ve made the flashcard set korean 1 in this case. Click on the gear button.


Select 내 단어장 편집 (edit my flashcards)


Now to make a new set. Click 새 단어장 추가 (add new flashcards). Just give it some appropriate name, and now you have your own new set.
Let’s start adding words into it. Choose 영어 사전 (english dictionary) from the top menu and try searching for some words. After that, click the +단어장 button.


Choose the flashcard set where you want to add it to.


And there you have it. You can see your cards again in the 단어장 section, 내 단어장.


There are some available pre-made flashcards from naver, but all of them are for Koreans trying to learn english. May this post helps yoh in your journey to master the korean language.


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