Floppy Disks

For several years, I’ve always thought that floppy disks are a just a relic of the past. Apparently, this is not entirely true, since these 1.44 MB storage media are still used on some of my lab’s equipments. Using this disks is really tedious, due to slow read/write speed and limited storage capability. Not to mention almost none of the computers in my lab have the necessary A: drive required to read these things. Which means I have to go borrow my senior’s computer each time I the disks got full and I need to transfer the data somewhere else.

Curious on why our lab is still using an equipment with a floppy disk drive in it, I did a little google search. Seems that our spectrum analyzer is priced at 100,000 canadian dollars. My first thought was: it wasn’t that expensive? Then it struck me that they use commas to separate thousands as opposed to Indonesians who use commas to separate decimals.  Yeowch.


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