Not enough space for media files on your Android device? Stream it

Recently, I’m using the 16 GB version of Google’s Nexus 7 – where 1 week after the item arrived, they announced the availability of the 32 GB version for the same price, ouch – and I must say that it makes an excellent device for viewing media files. However, using the Nexus family means a lack of available media storage space because they don’t provide SD card slot for storage expansion. One of the possible remedy is to use the USB on the go cable (which is a load of fun and deserves another blog post on its own), but this involves root access so probably it won’t be as interesting for the common user. The second one, is to stream your media.

Image source: lifehacker

Of course, you can easily stream using the google play store. But in case your media files are already inside your computer, why not turn it into a media streaming server?

  • Video streaming: MX player + ES file explorer

This combination works great and I love it! So basically, you use ES file explorer to access shared files on your computer, and have MX player work in tandem with it to play your video files. When using ES file explorer, you need to make sure that you already configure the files that you want to share on your PC. You can accomplish this by either using SMB/windows file sharing or by using an FTP server such as filezilla. I’m planning to put my external HDD on my lab PC since it’s always on, and use the campus WiFi network to watch movies.

  • Music streaming: Audiogalaxy

I enjoy using grooveshark, but sometimes I just want to randomly browse my own music collection and play the songs available. No, this is not because I’m a hipster who have musics from bands you’ve probably never heard of.

The service is quite straightforward. Sign up for their service (you can use facebook account), download and install the audiogalaxy software from their web. This software is used to list all the available music files on your computer. Next, install the app on your android device, and wham! profit! Now you can play the music tracks that you have on your computer straight from your device.

Of course, there are also many other apps available that can accomplish the same result. Any other suggestions?


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