Lotte World

Last Sunday during the Chuseok holiday, I went to Seoul to try one of the amusement Parks in Korea: Lotte World. Luckily, they’re having a special discount for foreigners during the holiday so I managed to get a 50% price off :D. Actually, when deciding on which theme park to go to, the options were either Lotte World or Everland. However, considering that Everland is located outside of Seoul and it might take up to 2 hours to go there from Seoul, me and my friends decided to go to Lotte World instead.

The theme park is easily accessible from Jamsil’s subway station, located in line 2. Just take exit number 3, and you’ll easily see the entrance.

That’s us in front of the entrance. Photo courtesy of Iwa Kartiwa

Now here’s a brief explanation of Lotte World: the amusement park is divided into two sections. The first one is the indoor area. There are two roller coasters inside, but the rest of the rides are mostly gentle rides for kids.

The inside of the theme park. Note that the ice rink is not part of the park

The second area is the magic island located outdoor. Almost all of the the thrill rides are placed here (and this is also where we spent most of our time when we went to Lotte World). To get a clearer understanding of the layout of the theme park, you can refer to the map below.

The upper left part is the magic island, and the lower right part is the indoor amusement park.

Now let’s go to the ride review. I won’t really review all of the rides because frankly speaking, most of the rides apart from the roller coasters are the same everywhere else. Instead, I’ll go straight to the more interesting ones.

The first one is the atlantic adventure. At first sight from the outside, this looks just like a harmless log-flume ride thing. Wrong. This is quite an intense roller coaster, and the real track is concealed beneath the structure built around it.

Seems harmless enough. But it’s a trap!
-photo from

Heck, you can even find this sign on the queue line

You may get hurt lol

It’s a bit hard to explain, but basically you’re sitting while grabbing the handle bar in front of you like how you’d ride a motorbike. Then you get thrown around the track. Youtube is your friend if you want to find out more. Oh and there’s also an upper height limit in case you want to get on this ride, I think around 180 cm or so. Why? During the ride I had more than one occassions where I felt like my head is going to hit the ceiling. And I’m only 170 cm tall.

The second roller coaster outside is the comet express. You may not notice it the first time because the whole track is located underground, and only the entrance is located above ground. I missed this one the first time because I thought it’s supposed to be an entrance for the monorail. It’s a roller coaster where you sit in a rotating seat across tracks that spiral up and down. Quite fun, actually. Too bad that I was unable to take any picture because the track is quite dark (one segment of the track is actually almost pitch dark). Even youtube videos don’t show anything during the ride because it’s so dark.

The third ride that I recommend is the French Revolution. Unlike the other two, this one is located indoor, so the track practically goes around the indoor theme park.

Just like this

For the non-roller coaster rides, I didn’t find anything particularly interesting. The rest of the rides are common (bumper car, carousel, giant swing, etc etc). If you want to take pictures around the park, you can get on the monorail that goes around the indoor and outdoor area, or take a baloon ride (actually it’s a normal ride with its track attached to the ceiling) to go around the indoor area. As a note, there’s an attraction that might appear to be a ghost house at first, but turns out to be just a 3D cinema, so mind the expectation-reality gap.

If you’re hungry, most of the foods sold inside the park are quite expensive. But if you’d like to walk a bit, you can go outside the theme park to eat and come back later (I’m using a day pass ticket so I don’t know about other ticket types). There’s a lotteria just outside of the entrance. Also, if you’re carrying bags, you can use the lockers provided to store them in. The larger one costs 1500 won and can store up to 4 bags,

Thank you for reading this post :D. I guess I won’t be riding another roller coaster for a while because winter is coming (brace yourself!), and a grad student must live from discounts to discounts, Mata ne~


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