Banpo Daegyo

One of the spot which I visited at Seoul last week. Basically, it’s a bridge that features a light and fountain show during the night. The banpo bridge is one of the bridges built across the Hangang river. It’s one of the thing that you should go see when you’re in Seoul, especially when you’re on a date (not like me, who come here with three of my friends. All guys.)

You can easily reach the bridge by walking for around 15 minutes from Seoul express bus terminal subway station. Take exit number 8 and head north. You’ll eventually come across a small tunnel connecting a residential apartment area into Hangang Park. From there, walk a little bit to the left a nice viewing spot. If you find an abundant amount of couples, chances are that you’re on the right place.

I have no exact schedule on the light show, but last time I came here on Saturday night, and the light show starts at around 8 PM. Go there and have fun watching the light along with some K-pop music.



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