Today, I went to one of the more quiet part of Seoul, named the Cheonggyecheon stream. As the name implies, it’s actually a small river located at the center of Seoul. It’s a good place if you’re up to a long walk alongside the stream – and of course if you want to go for a date.

But the most amazing part is the former state of the river. In the 1950s, the river becomes the place for refugees after the Korean war

Actually not that much different compared to Jakarta’s Ciliwung river I think..

Later on the 1970s, the hovels were removed and a four-lane freeway was built above the river.

But here comes the best part. On 2003, Lee Myung Bak, Seoul’s mayor back then (he’s the president of South Korea now), started a demolition of the highway in order to restore the river as a pride of Seoul. Something that won’t ever happen in Indonesia where old buildings from the collonialism era are demolished in favor factory outlets and new houses.

Well, here are pictures I took today when I walked along the stream

As you can see, the previously filthy and then noisy part of Seoul has been completely turned into a recreational area. It’s too bad that I can’t show pictures of the place at night, but from other photos that I’ve seen they are just awesome. One of the must-visit place when my girlfriend come to Korea :D.

Do you think Jakarta will ever have a chance to experience this kind of transformation?


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