Our long term goal

I’ve read an article somewhere, that people tend to opt for activities that give instant gratification instead of long term success. And usually, this does not end well. Well, probably not really that bad, but it’s worse than if you decided to stick to something that produces a result in the long run.

One of the example that I got is that the author of the article spends about 1 hour each day to contemplate about his purpose in life. Of course there is no instant benefit from doing these kinds of stuffs. And finding your purpose in life won’t suddenly net you some instant success or anything like that. But in the long run, it helps you as a basic principle for everything you do. Whenever you’re in doubt, you can just look back at your purpose in life, in be prepared to get up and move on again.

And of course, finding my own purpose in life is nothing easy. The author of the article himself needs to to it everyday for a long period of time before finding it. Maybe I should start now, so that no matter what storm awaits me ahead, I have something to hold on to.


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