Seriously, XXI?

So, I went and watched the expendables 2 yesterday at a certain XXI cinema in Bekasi. And honestly, there are two things that I’m really not comfortable with. The first one is the commercials. I paid a ticket with weekend price, which is double the usual ticket price, and  I get 15 minutes worth of commercials before the show even started? Really? That’s a freaking 1/4 hour that you’re using to feed us crap. We came to have a good time watching movie at a cinema, not to be fed some crappy commercial that usually appears on TV.

The second one is the audience’s age. The expendables 2 is a movie where 2 minutes into the movie more than two dozens people got killed, and there’s blood everywhere. The movie is also quite violent, with people getting stabbed and shredded to pieces by a helicopter’s propeller. And I actually spotted some kids under 10 watching with their parents. Seriously, WTF? First, parents, how did you get so irresponsible, letting your children watching this kind of movie. And second, XXI, did your warning about watching movies suitable for your age only for sheer formality? I know that it’s hard to know when older audiences are buying tickets for younger audiences, but at least you can control who get to enter the theater room when they hand you over their ticket.

Seriously XXI, you still have a lot of things that you need to fix.


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