Along the Hangang Riverside

Going to a trip to Seoul is always a welcome escape from Daejeon. Not that I hate Daejeon or anything, but there’s pretty much nothing in Daejeon except for the abundance of research institutes. In this post, I’m going to highlight one of the area in Seoul, specifically the Hangang riverside.

During summer, the waterfront area makes a perfect stop to escape the crazy summer heat of Korea. During weekends, I found so many people coming to this area. Families can be seen playing along the open areas located just next to the river, and of course, couples are not a rare sight.

Notice the happy couple on the lower left side of the picture

When you get here, there are several activities that you can choose from. There are the typical riverside rides, ranging from the swan boat that you pedal, to jet skis and banana boats. Some restaurants are also located on a boat so if you’re hungry you can get something to eat.

I ended up renting a bike for 3000 won an hour. Riding the bike alongside the river can be a  pleasant experience, with the cool breeze coming from the Hangang river and the sight of the river itself. I also found several public open area where people can play music, adding more feeling to the ambience. With the right person, the ride can be a romantic one. Although I was not so lucky, riding my bike with Yonny -_-.


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