Signing up for Olleh Wifi

I’m one of the international students who bring their smartphone from outside Korea. As a result, getting a monthly unlimited data plan turns to be more expensive than it should be. This results in me relying too much on the existence of free WiFi access points. Which means that inside KAIST, my Nexus S is a smartphone, but outside KAIST where free APs are scarce, it turns into an idiot phone.

One of the thing that I noticed everytime I’m searching for free WiFi access point, is that there’s an abundance of Olleh WiFi access points everywhere. The catch is, the APs seem to be protected, and I need to sign up before I can use it. So how can I sign up for it?

After some quick googling, it appears that foreigners can sign up for it by going to the nearest KT shop. The single wifi plan for unlimited usage costs 8000 won per month. You can get it for a cheaper price by signing up for a 1 year or more contract, although it’s only around 700 won difference per month at most. For your information, there are two KT shops near KAIST located at Gung-Dong. One of them told me that I need to go to KT plaza to sign up, but the other one activated this service for me just fine.

Oh and also, due to communication issues, it is faster if you just show them this page. In my case they understand what I wanted pretty quickly. Well of course it would be even quicker if you’re accompanied by someone who can speak Korean :D. To sign up, you need to bring your alien registration card and your bank account number, since the 8000 won is deducted monthly from your bank account. Now I can enjoy  internet connection outside KAIST :).


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