Ok, first post after a while, and it coincides with Ramadhan :D. For me, this is my first time having Ramadhan in another country – not that I go to other countries that often mind you. Of course, there are some inconveniences having Ramadhan here in Korea compared to in Indonesia, mainly because Islam is a minority here. But so far, they’re no big deal. I’ll try to list all experiences that I found here:

  1. Summer. As you know, during summer the day is longer than the night. Which is why there’s an extra two hours added to my shaum time compareed to when I did it in Indonesia. Not to mention the weather is quite hot and humid. It’s truly a challenge.
  2. Sahur and Iftar. Another problem. First, because almost no restaurant is open at time of Sahur so either I buy food from the night before or cook at 3AM in the morning. And so far I ended up eating Indomie instant noodle. Iftar is also a bit of a problem, because KAIST’s cafeteria is already closed at 7.30 PM. Currently, Iftar is around 7.45 PM. Therefore, having a healthy balanced dinner is difficult, and I ended up relying on samgag kimbabs for my nutrients. I should start buying instant fish cutlet for frying later else I’ll die of malnutrition.
  3. Tarawih. Luckily, there’s an Islamic Center of Daejeon nearby so Tarawih is not a problem. But this time it’s one Juz each day so Tarawih takes around 1 hour each night! And because Isya starts at 9.30, Tarawih begins at 10 PM and ends at 11 PM, in contrast to Indonesia where most place finished Tarawih by 9 PM.

So far that’s all, I’ll keep posting more experiences during Ramadhan in this blog. Stay tuned!


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