Why I decided not to use Rosetta Stone

When you’re studying abroad, chances are that sometimes you’re going to learn a new language. Of course, there are many different options on how you can accomplish this, from taking language courses, look up online learning websites, using google translate (not really recommended lol), or using specific programs dedicated for language learning. As it happens, I have used Rosetta Stone for three different language, and I must say that it’s not really satisfactory.

I have used it to try my hand on learning Japanese, French, and Korean. The main weakness of the software is that it doesn’t really teach anything explicitly during the language course. The software is designed like a collection of flashcards, where you actually learn by getting exposed to trying to match similar patterns and words over and over again and try to infer some grammar rules and vocabulary from that.

The second one is that the vocabulary used might sometimes be a little strange for actual conversation usage. I found out about this when my mom, who has been studying French, noticed that some of the words used in the French Rosetta Stone course is a little bit strange.

Oh and the third reason (although I don’t have anything to do with this LOL) is that you need to pay for Rosetta Stone. If you need a simple flash card program, you can just go to google play store and find several free apps available for download.

Eventually, I stoped using Rosetta Stone to try learning Korean right before departing to here, and switched to a great website called “Talk to me in Korean” to learn instead. So far, it has helped me a lot in trying to grasp the main idea of Korean language.

Of course, my opinion in this post is not absolute, so just try the best method according to you. 좋은대로 하세요


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