Danced With Dragons

Ok, this is my thought after reading “A dance with Dragons”, the fifth book in A Song of Ice and Fire series. Unless you’ve read the book before, please don’t read this post lest you want to read a spoiler about how Jaime and Brienne went off on a little adventure to confront zombie Catelyn.

So, this book ends in a real cliffhanger. There are so many issues left unresolved, and it seems that Winds of Winter won’t be released until around 2 years in the future. So here are my points:

  1. Whatever happened to lord commander Jon Snow? Last time he got stabbed by his fellow night watch brothers, not unlikely how the old bear met his end. And since Jon is the one who tied the alliance between the Night’s watch and the wildling, it seems that everything’s just going to crumble apart in case he died (being the main character doesn’t make you invulnerable in this series)
  2. Bran’s training. Apparently now Bran can enter the mind of animals and even trees. But what for? I doubt he’s going to use his ability to participate in the game of thrones. GRRM said that The Others will have more exposure in the 6th book, so it’s pretty likely that the Bran’s going to be involved in that one.
  3. Arya’s gone Assassin’s Creed. Ok, Arya’s always been one of my favorite character, and it seems that she also has the skinchanger ability up to some extend. And now, she’s starting her apprenticeship as a Faceless Men novice. However, with her targets getting killed one by one, I wonder if there would be anyone left for her to murder when she finished her training?
  4. Siege of Meereen. Dany’s lost somewhere in the Dothraki sea, and the war between Meereen and Yunkai is starting. GRRM said that it will be one of the opening chapters of the 6th book. Will Dany tame Drogon in time and bring fire and blood upon her enemies? Oh, and will she ever return to Westeros? And what about Victarion?
  5. Sansa. Ok I hate Sansa, just drown in the gutter and die.
  6. Aegon. Aegon has just entered the competition for the iron throne as Rhaegar’s son long thought to be dead. With Kevan dead and Cersei defanged, the Lannisters’ grip on the Iron throne is pretty much gone.
  7. Samwell! Whatever happened at the citadel? who’s the mage? and why the heck is the pig boy alive again?
  8. Stannis the douchebag. Near the end of A Dance with Dragons, Jon received a letter from Ramsay saying that he has slain Stannis, but a preview chapter for the 6th book featured Theon conversing with Stannis and how Stannis succesfully foiled the Karstarks’ betrayal ploy. And did Mance got caught somehow? Or, as usual, is this some part of ploy?

And lastly, how is this series going to end? Will it end with someone ascending to the iron throne? Will it end with the Starks having their vengeance? Will it end with some massive battle between the humans and the Others? Or will a volcano erupt and everyone dies? I guess I won’t be able to find the answer until I entered PHD lol.


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