Books, arrived :D

So it’s a continuation of my last post about Apparently, they exceeded my expectation by sending my books just within one working days, instead of two :D. East Asians sure are professionals. For your info, I ordered on Wednesday afternoon. Payment receipt comes at 1:07 PM, and later that evening they notified me that they’re sending the book at 6:45 PM.

I was expecting the book to come on Friday because they said that the order will arrive within two working days, but yesterday I got a phone call at 5:53 PM from the delivery man saying that he has already delivered my goods (this is why you should have a korean friend around you so that you can take phone calls in koreans).

The book package
OMG they come in bubble wrapping
They gave me a bookmark. Neat!
Another distraction at the lab

Mind you, I received this book only within one day because I’m living at Daejeon, which is only 150 km away from Seoul where the book store is at. If you live in a remote area *cough* Gimhae *cough* it will probably take you two days or more depending on what’s written on the website. As a tip, if you’re a student slaving doing research at your lab, it is more convenient to put the address of your lab for delivery, because omost of the time there would be someone at your lab to receive your package.


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