What the book?

I almost finished my “A feast for crows”, so naturally it comes down to buying “A dance with dragons” right? Well So far I haven’t figured out where to buy imported english novel. Luckily, one of my Hyong recommended a website called whatthebook.com. The site comes in both english and korean language interface.

Signing up is pretty easy, and only requires your name and email. I tried searching several books, and it seems that they have quite a lot of famous titles with them. They also give selections regarding the book type. For example, whether you want it to be hard cover, of mass produced paperbound edition. As for me, a poor grad student, the mass produced paperbound edition would suffice, and it would go along well with my other book collections :p.

As for the fee, there’s a delivery fee (it’s either 2.5 USD or 2500 won, I forgot) if your total purchase is less than 25 USD (or is it 25000 won? Damn I have the attention span of a pigeon). I had planned to buy Aleph (Paulo Coelho) and Inheritance (Christopher Paolini) so that I don’t have to pay any delivery fee. But since they run out of paperbound edition, I decided to start reading Mitch Albom’s “The five people you meet in heaven” and “For one more day”. The payment can be made using either bank transfer or credit card. Delivery takes around two days, and right now I’m anticipating the day to dance with dragons.


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