The hiking trail behind Uam Historical Park

As I said last time, I ended up taking the hiking trail located right behind Uam Historical Park. Although it’s a hiking trail, it’s not really much of a hike, and not too tiring.

For your information, this hiking trail connects to other trails forming quite a long hiking trail along the eastern part of Daejeon, near Daecheonghosu lake. Based on the tourism map that I got earlier, I’m aiming to go to Jihyeonsong fortress. However, it seems that during the hike I end up taking the wrong turn and turn up elsewhere.

But it’s still quite an amazing place and I managed to get a view of Daejeon city from above 😀

Daejeon from above

Sorry for the image, it’s a bit hard to take a good shot using my phone’s camera.

Another thing that you should note is that hiking is usually practiced by middle aged Korean  men and women. When you go hiking, you’ll mostly meet Ajumma and Ajossi along the way. Heck, I didn’t even meet any young people the last time I went to this place.

Oh and there’s something really unique at one of the higher spot of the hiking trail. This:

A gym in the middle of a forest

How did they put all those equipment right there? I mean, the nearest road is some distance away, and this place is only accessible using hiking trail. And even on foot, you need to go through some slopes. I just can’t imagine anyone treading along the trail carrying these kinds of heavy gym equipments. Helicopter, maybe? But there’s no helipad or any clear space around, either. Asians. Oh and as usual, the facility is used by middle aged people :D.

My location according to the map nearby

If you want to go for a light hike, the trail can be found just behind Uam’s library. I’m tempted to take the other route next time, to see where it will lead me to. Yes, preferably in autumn, where the leaves turn red :).


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