Uam Historical Park

Last Wednesday, we had a day off here in Korea because of memorial day. I took this opportunity to hop on my bike and explore the city of Daejeon. Truth to be told, there aren’t many tourist attractions in Daejeon because it positions itself more as a “Silicon Valley” instead of city for tourism. But nonetheless, I managed to find this pleasant spot.

This place is located on the eastern part of Daejeon, and I can reach it from KAIST in around an 90 minutes by bike. The best way would be to cycle along the riverside to avoid traffic lights.

The place itself is more of a historical site (hence the name) and more suited for relaxing. There’s no shop inside the park, only historical buildings, one museum, one library, and one main office. The site of the park itself is also located at the outskirt of Daejeon city, giving it a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

For most part, you can enjoy the old historical buildings and the greeneries. There is also a  lake inside the park, although it is quite dry when I visited there. The park makes a great place to take pictures and go on a picnic.

Park entrance

Where the past meets the present

Since I come just at the beginning of the summer, the trees are green. However, I’d like to see the sight of the mountain behind the park turning yellow during autumn.

In case you finished strolling around the park, there’s a hiking trail just behind the site in case you’d like to have some mountain climbing :D. I ended up hiking without any prior planning, but that’s a story for another post hahaha.


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