Seoul-Ansan trip A.K.A. My foot hurts like hell

Last weekend, I got the chance to visit Seoul for a meetup with ITB’s electrical engineering alumnis. Since this is a trip between cities in Korea, might as well make it some explanatory blog post :D.

For the first part of the trip, it’s from Daejeon to Seoul. We took a KTX train, which is one of the fastest mean of intercity transportation. In case you’re going on a trip in a group of 4, then you can get a family seat, which is considerably cheaper compared to the normal fee. In our case, each of us pay roughly around 11000 won, and the trip takes around 90 minutes.

Inside the KTX

Upon arriving at Seoul, we decided to split up. Ilma went straight to meet up with the other alumnis (hint: her boyfriend is one of the alumnis). On the other hand, Komang and Michel wanted to go somewhere else before meeting up. All of this is based upon assumptions that Indonesians usually adjust the meeting time because Indonesians are usually late. Because the meeting is supposed to be around 2 PM, Komang simply decided to come at 5 PM. Sweet.

Seoul station

So, being a good dongsaeng I am, I decided to follow my two hyongs (I’m starting to use all these Korean terminologies) to Myeongdong, a shopping district. By the way, this is a rather modern shopping district with shopping outlets instead of traditional ones like Dongdaemun or Namdaemun. We ended up at Uniqlo anyways.

FYI, the best transportation at Seoul would be the subway. This is purely my personal opinion, but so far most of the places on Seoul can be reached using the subway line sprawled across the city. Reading the map, however, can be a bit overwhelming. I suggest you download the metroid application for ease of travelling. It’s a good idea to get a t-money card – a rechargeable electronic card to get on public transport – because it gives you a 100 won discount each time you get on a train/bus and it allows you to switch between train and bus without additional charges if you transfer within 10 minutes. A typical trip using subway costs around 1200 won.

On weekends, the subway lines are quite packed, so getting a seat might be a little difficult. Which reminds me about the title of this post. Apparently, two days before the trip I somehow sprained my ankle, and even walking hurts. So, getting a seat on the train becomes a do or die situation for me.

Later on, we met up at a hostel called the “Hi Seoul Youth Hostel”. It’s a nice hostel that provide a large room for a lot of people. There’s no bed here, but we sleep by spreading futon (I don’t know what’s futon in korean) on the floor. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the room.

On the morning, we went to Ansan to visit One Indonesia Day. Ansan is outside of Seoul, but luckily we can use the train network to get there. One Indonesia Day is an event where Indonesian people from around South Korea get together, and of course Indonesian foods are involved. It’s held in Ansan because there are many factory workers in Ansan.

The event itself is like your typical festival. There are stands selling foods and souvenirs with a stage located at the center where people do performances. Too bad it’s not as festive as I imagined, and the weather was really hot. Oh and my right foot was still killing me. Here’s some pics for Ansan

So Komang, Yonny, Michel and I decided to go back to Seoul using train for some final sightseeing. We ended up at Seoul Grand Park, which houses a zoo. Too bad we need to pay to enter the zoo, and at that time my right foot hurted so much that I think I was going to faint.

Actually the picture above looks kinda like Jakarta Fair minus all the trash.

For the trip back to Daejeon, we used an express bus. Because we wanted to get back as early as possible, we decided to use a more expensive type, which is around 13600 won. If you’re using bus to Daejeon, you can either get off at government complex or Yuseong.  A trip by bus takes around 2 hours and in terms of comfort it’s better when you have a lot of luggage. If you choose to get off at Yuseong, you can take a bus one time to go to KAIST.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for another blog post!


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