1st semester, over

Apparently, I managed to survive my first semester here at KAIST, and all that’s left to do for me is to wait for my grade to come out. Of course, now summer vacation awaits all the students. However, adapting the freemason’s words “Is there no help for the widow’s son?” I can change it into “Is there no vacation for the graduate student?”. Yes, undergrads have holidays coming and going, but for graduate students it’s lab work during vacation.

But that won’t prevent me from exploring south korea though. I’ll still have day off on weekends, and it’s a great chance to try visiting another cities. One on my mind right now is Busan, which is said to be a great place to visit on summer vacations. Well, I’ll enjoy this Korean long weekend while it lasts.

Cheers to all the gradient, divergence, curl, and vectors that I’ve left behind by the end of this semester. Although it’s quite probable that I’m going to see them again next semester due to my research area.

Warm regards from Korea


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