What my daily life looks like

Some people might choose to go to South Korea for studying because they want to relive the scenes from Korean Dramas. Well, here’s what my daily life looks like:

  1. Wake up at 7 AM. Do Fajr prayer, take a shower, and start surfing the internet for a while.
  2. Leave the dorm at 9 AM. Grab some breakfast either at the cafeteria or at the convenience store.
  3. Lab office hour starts at 10 AM. Start studying for today’s lectures because the lectures are pretty fast paced and I’ll get left behind otherwise.
  4. Have lunch with labmates at 12 PM.
  5. Go to class in the afternoon. Return straight to the lab after that.
  6. Do homework. Otherwise, do the projects that the professor gave me.
  7. Have dinner at 6 PM.
  8. Continue doing homework/project until 9 PM.
  9. Sit back and relax until 10 PM before finally going back to the dorm.
  10. In case there’s a lot of task to do (e.g. that damned electronic design course), remove step 9 and extend step 8 up to 2 AM in the morning.
  11. Go to the dorm and sleep.

Going to Korea to play? Yeah suuure


One thought on “What my daily life looks like

  1. Aya

    you are pretty busy, good luck!
    I’m going to kaist next semester, but I don’t really know korean, plan to start learning it now. How much korean do I need while in kaist? Do you usually speak korean with classmates?

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