Remote Control for Winamp. Another solution for laziness

Most of the time, I usually lie around in my bed while listening to the music from my computer. Sometimes there’s a problem though. I wanted to change the music playing on my computer, but the keyboard is too far away from my reach. I mean, it’s over 3 meters! Way over the reach of my hand without leaving my bed. Luckily, there’s a solution for this, in the form of an app called “remote control for winamp” (really straightforward naming if you ask me).

The application essentially lets you control your winamp from your android phone via network. I have both my desktop PC and Nexus s  connected to my wireless router, that’s how it worked. The software comes for both sides, the PC and the android side.  The PC side is a plugin for winamp that turns your PC into a server. The android side is a client that lets you control the winamp playing on your PC. It allows you to search for songs, play, fast forward, rewind, and choose shuffle and repeat. It also syncs album arts so you can view them on your android. Here are some screenshots:

This is the setting page, it lets you control your server IP address, port, etc.

The playlist screen. Also lets you search for songs on your winamp playlist

The overview page. Allows you to control most things you require when playing songs. Also shows song informations.

This is the remote control server interface. Pretty straightforward.

This application is works nice, enough to facilitate my laziness. However, it seems that winamp ended up not responding several times when using this app. I haven’t found out the main cause, could be automatic task killer or some settings on the server side. I’ll to tweak the settings a bit and update about this issue.


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