When reading novels..

..I prefer to read them in their own original language. Most of the times, some of the language elements got lost in translation. For example, the intriguing language used to write Tolkien’s books really got lost when they got translated into Indonesian. And frankly, reading the Indonesian edition of Fellowship of The Ring gave me a headache.

Another example is, for moslems, the holy Qur’an. It is written in arabic, referred as one of the most complicated language in the world by those who study it. However, when it’s translated into Indonesian, some of the meanings got lost in translation, mainly because the Indonesian language isn’t as rich as the arabic language.

However, books which are originally written in the Indonesian language can be fun and intriguing to read. Take ‘Laskar Pelangi’ as an example. Andrea Hirata really did a fine job with the language he used to write the book, and I can’t stop reading the whole first 4 books and the recent Padang Bulan book.

It’s not much different compared to listening to audio files. Books written in their original language is similar to audio files in lossless format. However, during their translation into another format, some loss might happen. And if they’re translated into an incompatible language, it’s just like transcoding the lossless audio format into 128 kbps MP3 files. Understandable, but probably not the best way to enjoy it.


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