Brace yourself, you’re going to read your eyes out

An undead army is knocking at your doorstep. What would you do? If this was the lord of the rings, they’d gather a bunch of brave men immediately and issue an epic battle. But in this series, the undead can wait until everyone is finished with all their politics and backstabbings.

Anyway, that’s just a brief introduction to a series of books which I’m going to read soon. Just around last month, I bought volume 1 of ‘A song of Ice and Fire’, entitled the game of thrones. Some of you might heard of the title before from a serial in HBO, or maybe from the meme of “Brace yourself, x is coming”. You’re not mistaken, as they hail from the same book that I’m going to read.

After reading for a while, eventually I got hooked to the book. The story is set in a medieval age, a la dragon age. However, unlike the usual book with the same setting which puts heavy emphasis on heroic deeds and the battle between obvious righteousness and obvious evil, much of the conflict here is caused by politics. Yep, politics. During the course of the book, it is revealed that there’s an impending threat from an army of evil forces, but apparently everyone’s too busyfighting over a throne made of thousands of swords that they don’t notice.

It took me around 1 month to finish the first book. But now that I’m unemployed, I can read at a faster pace. I’ve already bought volume 1 through 4, and the 5th volume is still in hard cover, so I’m waiting for a paperback edition before I decide to buy it.

Oh and a friendly reminder for everyone wanting to start reading the series: prepare to hold your breath as you flip through the pages, because apparently the author isn’t too shy to kill off important characters! Brace yourself!


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